Multiplier Event – Malta

The Maltese Multiplier Event was held on Saturday 27 th October, at the University of Malta facilities. The main speaker was Prof. Russell Smith, the trainer of the “Be the Change” Maltese team and Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation at the University of Malta.

At the event has been invited a group of prospective mentors, that can be able to follow and support young people aspiring entrepreneurs. 45 people attended the event. After providing an introduction to the “Be The Change” project, Prof. Smith presented to the participants the main project results achieved in Malta and the training materials produced by the Consortium, including the set of 17 short videos realized by the Maltese team, available online.

Furthermore, each attendee received some copies of an Handbook produced by the Maltese team, built from 13 of the most useful training modules as reported by NEETs and Seniors involved in the pilot phase in this country. The audience showed a real interest in the learning materials and in the mentoring program developed and implemented in the context of the “Be The Change” project. The event ended with a tasting of food prepared by a group of migrant women.


Introduction – projects and activities
Results from the Be the Change project in Malta
The follow-up programme
New dimensions of enterprise, entrepreneurship, environments and ecosystems