Multiplier Event – Italy

Apprendimento intergenerazionale e impresa


Il ruolo degli imprenditori maturi nel promuovere le competenze
imprenditoriali dei giovani “NEET’:
L’esperienza del progetto europeo “Be The Change”.

Venerdì 5 ottobre 2018 – Ore 14:30

Facoltà di Economia “G. F.uà”
Università Politecnica delle Marche
Piazzale R. Martelli 8, Ancona

Partners Meeting: Malta

The partners of the BeTheChange consortium met in Malta on 9th and 10th May for the fourth Transnational Meeting. They reviewed the results of the pilot phase trainings and agreed on the procedure and tools for the assessment of the learning outcomes. They also decided that all training materials will be uploaded on the VLE/e-learning platform which will be a sort of “repository”. After the Multiplier Events to be organized by all partners by the end of October at latest, the Final Report of the project has to be complied. The partners also agreed on the content and tasks for each country.

Multiplier Events

Starting from May to September 2018 there will be a multiplier event for each of the partners cities.

The scope of the event is to present the final results of the project and raise awareness among the public and private stakeholders about the main constraints of the topic touched by the project.

During the event will be described the main project steps and achievements, thus to disseminate the results of the pilot test.

Partners Meeting: Žalec

The consortium partners met in Žalec, Slovenia, on 28 and 29 September 2017 to review the progress of the project and to decide about the conceptualization of the training materials, its structure and content. The training material will be based on the research data and the framework agreed on.

Partners will elaborate the training materials until the end of 2017, taking into consideration the different profiles as well as common features/needs of NEETs and older entrepreneurs in the participating countries (e.g. people with low self-esteem that need to be valued).

Third Newsletter

Partners Meeting: Budapest


The partners of the Be The Change consortium met in Budapest on 3rd and 4th April for the Second Transnational Meeting.  The agenda focused on the methodology for the analysis of data gathered during the Action 1-Framework Analysis and on the structure of the National Report and International report due for mid of June.

The partners talked at length also about the conceptual framework at the basis of the educational objectives and methodology of the trainings for older entrepreneurs and young people. The trainings plan, indeed, are expected by mid July.

Be The Change Partners meeting Budapest

Be The Change Partners meeting Budapest

What emerged as very important is the necessity of helping young people recognize their skills, talents and attitudes.
The non-formal/ informal education setting allows the use of teaching techniques useful for this purpose.

Second Newsletter