Multiplier Event – Slovenia

The Slovenian Multiplier Event took place on 25 th of October 2018 at UPI – ljudska univerza Žalec. The event was divided in 2 parts:

  1. in the first part Marjana Rogel Peršič, Biserka Neuholt Hlastec as well as Franja Centrih presented the results of the Erasmus+ “Be The Change” project. After that it has been carried out a round table with one mentor and one mentee. Both talked about their experience in the project.
  2. In the second part of the event it has been invited a young boy who participated in the Slovenian national TV show “Masterchef” who was very successful in this show.

The Slovenian project team thought this could be very motivational for mentees as well as for the other participants. At the end of Multiplier Event he cooked for the 57 participants which attended the event.