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Are you a 50+ entrepreneur interested in learning how to be a good mentor for young people?
Are you young and interested in discovering your value and in learning how to start and run a business?
If yes, then the Be The Change online courses are what you are looking for!

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The training implementation was scheduled only in Germany, Italy, Malta and Slovenia. Hungary dealt with the results dissemination.

The aim of the courses

Through these online courses:

  • entrepreneurs can learn methods and techniques about mentoring young people on entrepreneurship and find a way for exploiting their knowledge and experience.
  • youngsters can be mentored by the entrepreneurs and they can understand which is their potential, which is their value, what they can offer to the market (goods or services). They can also learn how to write a cv and a business plan, how to choose their collaborators and much more!

Who is this course for?

These online courses are designed for anyone who wishes to live an intergenerational learning experience in the field of the entrepreneurship and want to exchange practice and competences among people of different ages. There is no requirement for prior knowledge or experience in this area of practice. The courses are
relevant for:

  • entrepreneurs who want to be useful for the younger generation;
  • young people interested in learning more about entrepreneurship;
  • adult education professionals;
  • professionals who have the responsibility of orienting young people in the search for
    a job;
  • social workers interested in the older adults’ promotion and life-long learning;
  • practitioners of the intergenerational learning approach

Structure of the courses

The Be The Change methodology includes two typologies of courses: one targeting entrepreneurs, the other targeting the youngsters and carried out by the entrepreneurs according with an intergenerational learning approach.
The course for entrepreneurs consist in 13 materials for promoting older entrepreneurs’ mentoring capabilities.
The course for the youngsters has two educational pathways (more than 40 materials).
The first targets young people seeking for a job and aims at helping them identify their capabilities, value, what they can offer and at teaching them how to put it on the market.
The second pathway is for young people wishing to start a self-employment activity or a business and provides them also with technical and economic knowledges for the promotion of entrepreneurial competences.

The courses were tested in Germany, Italy, Malta and Slovenia with circa 15 entrepreneurs and 15 youngsters in each country.
The online courses consist in documents in four languages (English, German, Italian and Slovenian) and videos in national languages.